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How Do Air Conditioners Work?

An air conditioner cleans, circulates, cools and dehumidifies (removes undesirable moisture from) indoor air. A filter cleans the air by trapping dust and other small particles. An air handler (blower built into the system) circulates it, while the cooling and dehumidifying are accomplished by a process called refrigeration.


Refrigeration cools a home by transferring heat inside a home to the outdoors. All central air conditioners employ two main units in this process – the indoor unit and the condensing unit.

The Indoor Unit

This unit removes undesirable indoor warmth and humidity. It includes the filter, the air handler and the evaporator coil. The air handler blows filtered air through the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is kept cold by the circulation of a substance called a refrigerant. Air that travels across the evaporator coil gives up heat (the colder coil absorbs it) and humidity (moisture condenses upon contact with the cold surface of the coil). The cooler, drier air that continues through the air ducts is vented throughout your home to maintain your desired comfort level. Depending on the structure of your home, the ductwork may be above the ceiling or below the floor.

The Condensing Unit

Outdoors, at the condensing unit, an air conditioner releases the heat that was captured indoors. The same refrigerant that absorbed the heat indoors at low pressure is now pressurized by the compressor and is circulated through another coil, the condensing coil. In the condensing coil, under high pressure, the refrigerant releases its heat very quickly, making the coil itself hot. A fan blows across the coil, cooling its temperature down and transferring the heat to the outside air.

The Thermostat

Whether you heat your office with gas or electricity, a wall thermostat will be installed. This measures room temperature and turns the central heating system off or on as the temperature rises or falls to designated levels. Careful location of the thermostat is an essential consideration in maintaining maximum comfort levels in your business.

Air Condition Your Home or Business

Precision Air cooling systems for all your AC install and replacement needs when it is experience and reliability that really matters to you. We have been a locally operated and owned full service AC company and have been serving the Chester County and surrounding areas since 1993. We specialize in installing, repairing and changing home and business cooling systems. With a united team of factory-trained specialists, we have been prepared to undertake difficulties with just about any style and any brand name air conditioner to install for you. Right now to find out how we could assist you, call us.

Residential Cooling System

Your home is your living space that is personal where you can relax and become comfortable. If your AC stops working, its hard to enjoy your day or night. Together with heat that is raising your discomfort, you must cope with the worries of expensive repairs and the likelihood of an replacement. Our AC service aims to put your thoughts at ease and have your home cooled down fast.
Central air conditioning can fail whenever you want it the most it seems, so we provide same day/night emergency AC service with installation when required. Our highly trained team shall get to your property as soon as possible to examine the system. Most often, we’re able to locate and repair the ac problem with out needing a new ac system within a period that is brief.
In certain full instances, we may recommend air conditioning replacement when the cost of the repair is not a sound investment for you the property owner. We have ac installation financing for those unexpected expenses. We comprehend the expense of a new ac isn’t one anticipated by most homeowners, so we carefully help our customers with information to make the decision that is most beneficial for their home and family.

Commercial Air Conditioning

We are an ongoing business, too. You cannot operate because your AC is down is costing you money so we understand that every minute down costs you money. We get to your property as quickly as possible in order to find the nagging problem and an answer to a fast repair.

Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner

In AC systems with plenty of life in front of them, a repair would result in the sense that is made by many. But if your device is aging or deteriorating quickly due to installation that is bad upkeep, an alternative will be the better choice. Finally, it is always the customer’s choice to make with proper and truthful information with no pressure.
It’s our work to obtain the most suitable brand and model for your house and your budget once you decide on an upgraded air conditioning system. Making use of details about your home such as the square footage and quantity and size of windows, we will figure out the size cooling that is most beneficial for your home. A condensing unit that is either too large or too little and you will find yourself costing more energy and not as comfortable in air temperature or humidity. To really make the AC installation procedure experience easier and more affordable, we accept all credit cards and financing. With competitive pricing and buying that is worry-free setting up a brand new air conditioning system at home never has been easier.

Get Your New Air Conditioner Installed Now

At Precision Air Conditioning, we work with the brands which are top-rated in PA. We’re trained and prepared to put in and repair the best brands American Standard, Rheem, Lennox, Coleman, Ruud, York, Whirlpool, Westinghouse, Tempstar, Trane, Amana, Honeywell, Carrier and Goodman. Even if your brand name isn’t on this list, contact us to see just what we are able to do for you because we service all brands.

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Google Reviews:

Glen Pratt
Glen Pratt
22:48 04 Jan 18
I am new homeowner and had never got a heater inspection/tune-up... I scheduled one with Precision and had a great experience. My technician Steve was timely, professional, (funny), and honest. He showed me a few ways to increase the life of my system while also improving the quality of my air and lowering my utility bill. I recommend Precision Air for sure.
Corey Cronk
Corey Cronk
18:59 05 Jan 18
Precision (Mike + Team) were all a pleasure to work with. Work was done quickly with no mess and everyone was very professional. I will surely share my experience with friends and family. Do not hesitate to work with Mike and his team.
Nadja Frist
Nadja Frist
20:50 17 Jun 16
We’re so glad we decided to go with Precision Air Heating & Cooling for our new AC and duct work, we couldn’t be happier. They sincerely care about their customers, have pride in their company and their work, and stand behind it. Without a doubt they are the best of the best. Any questions or concerns we had were addressed. We can’t say enough about how impressed we are of their knowledge, professionalism and care for us as clients. Precision Air Heating & Cooling, you are top notch, truly the best! Thank you for all that you’ve done!
Charlie Strickler
Charlie Strickler
19:53 24 Oct 16
I hired these guys to service my old boiler and radiator heating system. The unit was made in 1987 so I was expecting to have to get a new unit. While it does need to be replaced eventually I was happy that they didn't make me feel like I had to. They just serviced it and gave me a recommendation for a new one. They seem like honest guys. Thanks.
20:46 05 Mar 15
You installed new high efficient gas tank-less heater this winter and I wanted to wait to give a full review. Everything with the installation was very easy from Tim making the appointment showing up on time and being very helpful through our decision process. He did not try to get us to buy with all kind of specials like some of the other companies. One large company would not leave my home unless we signed that day. We had to throw them out all they were concerned with was selling us a heater! When Lou the installation manager came out to do the materials list he was polite and attentive to our needs. The men did not make do or improvise because they had all the right parts and it looks much better than my neighbors who used another local company. Greg did a great install on our oil to gas conversion. I could not believe that small wall hung unit would heat our home. Well it not only heat our home and hot water it reduced our costs a whole bunch! We normally used 900 gallons of oil at an average cost of 3.75 for yearly budget of 3400. This winter we only spent just over $600. Thank you Precision Air for guiding us on our new tank-less heating system and being so professional.
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