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Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps are the core to your HVAC system. A healthy unit is critical in the efficient and even cooling and heating of your home. These units are typically very reliable, however, heat pumps are not immune to repairs. When your heat pump is experiencing problems, our trained experts can quickly diagnose, suggest a plan for repair and quickly get your heat pump back to keeping your home comfortable!

  • A heat pump that receives a regular service plan can save up to 25% in energy than an unserviced pump.
  • Signs your heat pump is struggling and requires regular tuning:
    • Inadequate airflow
    • Grinding and other odd noises
    • Noticeable rising energy costs
    • Stuck in either the “heat” or “cool” mode
    • Uneven heating and cooling

Heat Pump Maintenance

Chester County homeowners choose heat pumps to replace their furnaces because of the many benefits gained. In order to maintain these benefits, we suggest signing up for a heat pump maintenance program from Precision Air Heating and Cooling.

Your heat pump runs all year long. To protect your heat pump, we suggest a maintenance service two times a year in the spring and fall seasons. This will ensure you protect your heat pump from costly repairs and to preserve its energy-efficiency.

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