Use Common Sense(s)

1. Brrrrr…. If you feel like your house doesn’t get as warm as it used to it could be the sign of a heater on the blink.  We call this ‘Low Heating Capacity.’  This could mean many things (fuel issue, delivery system, etc) that we can quickly diagnose on a service call/visit.   Unfortunately, this is associated with uneccesarily high utility bills.  Consider a small repair if possible rather than wait and potentially pay for a large installation.

2.  When Your heater sounds funny but nobody’s laughing…

Unusual grinding and rumbling could mean a few things.  Again, our free estimate can help gauge making a minor service now that prevents a full-blown system crash.

3. It doesn’t fire up.  Just because you have a hard time to waking up sometimes doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t eventually.   Failure to launch can mean many things – hopefully it’s your pilot light.   Don’t know how to check your pilot light?  Do you know how to tell if your system has a pilot light?    This is another opportunity to call for a free estimate.