Heater Inspection/Tune-up Customer Testimonial

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Testimonial From Glen P. After A Visit From Steve For A Tune-Up

“Today I got a heater inspection and tune-up from Precision Air. He arrived right when he was supposed to he was real friendly, knowledgeable, and got right to work. After the inspection, it felt really good to know that my heater’s running well, but he did give me a couple of areas where I could improve things like I was using the wrong filters as it turns out. It’s actually going to be burning my system out faster than I thought and there’s some areas in my ducts that I could fix myself that’ll increase my energy efficiency and improve the air quality. It was definitely worth calling them for the tune-up because now I’m confident my bill will definitely drop below last years. Steve was a real nice guy. I definitely recommend them to my friends and family.”

Signs Your Heater is Dying

Use Common Sense(s)   1. Brrrrr.... If you feel like your house doesn't get as warm as it used to it could be the sign of a heater on the blink.  We call this 'Low Heating Capacity.'  This could mean many things (fuel issue, delivery system, etc) that we can quickly...

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